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Tax Return Preparation

We provide a full range of tax return preparation services including:

  • Individual (form 1040)
  • Corporate (forms 1120 and 1120S)
  • Partnership (form 1065)
  • Estate and trusts (form 1041)
  • Decedent estates (form 706)
  • Gift (form 709)
  • Nonprofit organizations (forms 990, 990-T and 990-PF.)

At Gibson LeClair, LLC our philosophy is to do more than just prepare the tax return. We use the tax return as a basis to recommend tax saving strategies, to help our clients to understand the results, and most importantly to plan for future tax filings.

Tax Planning and Advisory Services

We provide tax planning and advisory services to assist our clients in structuring transactions, from business start-ups to ownership changes (whether to the next generation or the next owner) to purchases of equipment and everything in between. Making a big financial decision and you would like to get a second opinion? Give us a call, we can help.

Representation before Taxing Authorities

Our staff of certified public accountants will represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service and Maine Revenue Services in the event of an audit or other correspondence. We work with our clients and the authorities to quickly and efficiently resolve these inquiries to minimize the disruption to our clients.

Staff Experience and Qualifications

We have decades of experience in all aspects of tax preparation and advisory services. Our staff receives ongoing education to ensure that they have the breadth and depth of knowledge to ensure compliance with the ever-changing Internal Revenue Code. We work for our clients by sorting through all of the changes that the federal and state governments make to the tax codes to ferret out the parts that affect our clients. We communicate all of this to our clients to ensure that they are in compliance with the law, while still taking advantage of all tax saving opportunities. We also currently subscribe to several different tax research services so we are able to provide solid advice on complex tax matters.

What Our Clients Say

I, as well as many members of my family, have been working with Jeanne Gibson and others in their firm since the 1990's, both personally and with various business entities. In addition to full accounting, auditing and tax services, they can provide valuable advice in diverse areas such as estate planning, business operation and valuation, real estate transactions, etc. They stay current with the latest taxcodes and regulation and are very professional and well organized. I find their entire group to be very welcoming and enjoyable, in short a company that's a real pleasure to work with!

…from the very start your group's professionalism and knowledge (not to mention the personal attention you have given our agency staff) win the day. Now you've made our way going forward so much smoother. Thank you for a job well done.

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