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Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions that we receive.

  1. Where is my refund?

    Click here to check on your federal refund status and here to check on the status of your Maine refund. Have your copy of your tax return available to provide the necessary identifying information.

  2. I received an IRS/Maine Revenue Service notice. What should I do now?

    Contact us as soon as possible. There may be specific timeframes that must be complied with to preserve your rights. After you have contacted us, please send us a copy of the notice. We will assist you in understanding the notice and accurately responding and resolving any issues presented.

  3. I received an e-mail from the IRS/Maine Revenue Services. What should I do now?

    This is a type of phishing where someone is trying to obtain your personal information. Always keep in mind that the IRS and Maine Revenue Service’s policy is NEVER to contact you about your tax return by e-mail. Do not respond to these e-mails.

  4. Does my organization need an audit?

    Generally, the need for an audit is dictated by the users of financial statements. For instance, banks, as part of lending agreements, may require an audit. Nonprofits that receive federal or state grant awards may be required to have an audit.

    Compilation and reviews are also available as lesser assurance services. These services include fewer procedures that may satisfy the needs of the users of the financial statements. Please contact us with your specific details, and we can advise you as to the requirements applicable to your situation.

  5. What do your services cost?

    Our fees are generally based upon the time spent and the level of the personnel assigned to your engagement.

  6. Who audits the auditor?

    Our accounting and auditing practices and procedures are subjected to a peer-review process every three years in accordance with the requirements of the AICPA and the Maine Board of Accountancy. As part of the peer-review process, we engage another CPA firm that is approved by the New England Peer Review board to review and report on our audit and accounting systems. We are pleased to report that our latest review resulted in a Pass, which is the highest level possible.

What Our Clients Say

I, as well as many members of my family, have been working with Jeanne Gibson and others in their firm since the 1990s, both personally and with various business entities. In addition to full accounting, auditing and tax services, they can provide valuable advice in diverse areas such as estate planning, business operation and valuation, real estate transactions, etc. They stay current with the latest tax codes and regulation and are very professional and well organized. I find their entire group to be very welcoming and enjoyable, in short a company that's a real pleasure to work with!

From the very start your group's professionalism and knowledge (not to mention the personal attention you have given our agency staff) win the day. Now you've made our way going forward so much smoother. Thank you for a job well done.

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